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  Let the roadtrip begin!

  In case you haven’t yet heard, we’re heading to the big time!!! A large and well-respected East Coast grocery-store chain, Harris Teeter, just picked up our Rib Kit for every one of their top-quality stores. We’re ecstatic!

The good news: We were finally picked up by a major chain!
The bad news: We have to install the display at every store

The Problem:
The stores are located throughout the East Coast including; Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington DC, with many locations in each major city. We’re still just a two person team, my wife and myself. How are the two of us going to install all these displays?

A local FDA licensed factory produces our sauce and rub from our recipes (they also do other well-known products). And Life Experiences, a non-profit organization that blends education, training, and the free enterprise system to create and operate businesses which provide fulfilling employment for adults with developmental disabilities, assembles our Rib Kits. We then store the finished product to ship out (pictures of this huge order getting shipped to the Harris Teeter distributor centers follows).

The Solution:
Call everyone we know to help!
We’ve lined up, and are still lining up, people to help us go to every store to set up the displays in the Harris Teeter meat department – relatives, friends, friends of friends and our local ROTARY group (of which my wife was a past founding officer and president). We’ll be sure to have a big party for our helpers once all is said and done. And us? We’re hitting the Greensboro/Charlotte/VA/MD/DC/NC regions.

So, we’ve asked everyone to take pictures of their journeys so we can share them with you. Following is the beginning of the journey and we’ll be updating it as we get more pictures from the ‘crew’. A big thank you to all who are helping!

And to everyone else: please go to your local Harris Teeter and buy your Rib Kit.

NOTE:  the Rib Kits are not on the shelves with the other sauces, but located exclusively in the meat department.  Ask your meat manager for the location!

The Bottling Line 

The Harris Teeter Pickup

This is only a small portion of the order:
(yes, my wife cried when they picked it up)

Now that the products are being delivered to the warehouse, it's time to install the displays across the states! We'll take plenty of pictures of our roadtrip to share with you.

July 4th Update
North Carolina is finished...812 miles later...10-12 hours in the car each day, with the entire family, for four days straight.

We need to catch up on our orders, then we'll get the pictures ready to post. Please check back this weekend.

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!
Add 1,282 more miles...we did VA, DC, MD, and the Outer Banks, NC.  While 1200+ miles may not sound too impressive to some of you, keep in mind alot of these were city miles (yes, I did have to ask for directions at times).

I finally got a chance to post 69 pictures of the trip (OK you can stop bugging me now :)). I still need to add the captions to the photos and write the adventure story, but this should get you started. Please check back for the full story!!!!

       (select the 'Harris Teeter RoadTrip' link)

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