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 Rib Kit

The Best Baby-Back Ribs You Will Ever Make...Guaranteed.

Watch the 'How to Cook Ribs' video now!

International Award Winner! - Let us show you how to cook baby-back ribs that will make restaurants jealous simply by following the detailed instructions.

The amazing taste is from our included special blend of Dry Rub, with a hint of chipotle, and the tangy sweet Red Sauce. These flavorful baby-back ribs are so tender they will fall off the bones.  We promise you and your guests will not be disappointed. They fully cook in your oven then you finish them on the grill and are very easy to make.

start quoteIf you don't like their ribs, please turn in your tongue for repair, as it's obviously broken!end quote
- J. Scott Wilson
(the second "Rack 'Em Up" article)
Food Editor
National Morning Editor
Included in the Rib Kit is a package of our own special blend of dry rub, a jar of our Traditional Red Sauce and detailed instructions for making perfect finger-licking ribs. The only other thing you will need is a rack of pork baby-back ribs.

start quoteThis past weekend I put the Rib Kit to good use on some ribs and now I want more, my family members want more, and I've told a lot of people at our office how good they turned out and they would like to make there own.end quote

Todd S.
Dallas, TX

Since they are fully cooked in your oven, you'll be able to prepare these consistently every time (even if you have trouble boiling water). Once they are cooked, throw them on the grill and enjoy now or toss them in the 'fridge or freezer to enjoy them later. How easy is it? Watch the video now!

The Dry Rub is our own special blend of top-quality herbs and spices with a hint of chipotle pepper to give the ribs their amazing flavor. And the Traditional Red Sauce is sweet tomato-based sauce applied at the end that keeps you coming back for more. Even your kids will love them.

Purchase your Rib Kits today, below, and get ready to eat some of the best ribs you've ever tasted.

SUGGESTION: The ribs can be fully prepared ahead of time and either kept in the refrigerator for a couple days or in the freezer for a couple months. When those unexpected guests stop by, tailgating, or the big game comes on, simply thaw and toss on the grill and you will be eating delicious ribs within 30 minutes!

Baby-Back Rib Kit
Price: $6.95

Now also available at your local HARRIS TEETER! Ask for the Rib Kit exclusively in the meat department.
International Food Winner in the World’s Most Competitive Gourmet Food Competition!

Read the story of NATO Troups in Afghanistan eating WH Ribs . . .

Our Ribs are perfect for tailgating! Prepare them ahead of time and finish at the game, as Pami did:

"I receive a 'food' newsletter every day from a tv station website and the food critic recommended the WilliamsonHouse Rib Kit . He included a link to the Rib Kit movie demonstration and after viewing that I just HAD to try the kit.

I knew it would be a big hit with the tailgate group, and I was right!!! I was going to be out of town till game day and the fact that I could cook them ahead of time, freeze them and just grab and go to the stadium was perfect.

I've since used the rub for pan grilled chicken tenders and oven broiled pork chops with the sauce. The dry rub smells so wonderful, you'll want to put it on EVERYTHING! And the sauce is the BEST I've tried in years. I will definitely be purchasing more kits."

Pamelyn Burke
Tailgate Section F52-70
FedEx Field

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