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BBQ Heros . . . 

We're going to start highlighting some of the great stories we hear from our customers. Our first story, and will probably always be the best, highlights the NATO Troops serving in Afghanistan.
One of our customers was shipped overseas, loved our ribs, and requested some home-town flavors. We were more than grateful to send them dry rub and sauce to make ribs. He was assigned to the NATO Troops in Afghanistan and following is his letter (and we were extremely honored to receive the special medallion). Pictures follow.

To the Troops: We are all thinking of you and come home safe to your families. Thanks for all you are doing and it will never be forgotten. God bless.
- Donald, Shay and Williamson Family


20 June 2007

Donald and Shay,

I’d like to thank you for your support of the Qalat Provincial Reconstruction Team this past year as we served in Afghanistan for a 12-month tour.

I can’t tell you how much it meant to some of our team members when we received the shipment of dry rub and sauce. Most of the barbecue stuff we had received up to that point was the general variety we were able to gather from the dining facility or from care packages sent from family and friends.

Now came the difficult task of acquiring uncooked/unseasoned pork ribs in a Muslim country. The Army supply system only had ribs that were precooked and seasoned then frozen for shipment. While they were adequate, after so many months away from home, everyone was ready for something better. The great folks at Williamson House provided the main ingredient for that missing taste of home.

Because the Army supply system in Afghanistan was unable to provide the required ribs, the generous package of seasonings languished in my room only being appreciated and it’s full potential not fully realized. Then in December, KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) took over operation of our main dining facility. The ribs were on the way, and in early March, we had our barbecue.

Because of the unique composition of the unit, which was comprised of Army (both active and National Guard) and active Air Force and the redeployment that was conducted in phases as to allow a good transition with the incoming unit, this would be the final time that our entire unit would be together. Along with the barbecue, we had an awards ceremony and conducted some sporting activities. The mood was very light as we all enjoyed the camaraderie and discussed the things that everyone was looking forward to upon our return to the US. The ribs were wonderful and everyone commented on the unique flavors provided by the rub and sauce. It turned out to be one of the best days of our entire deployment.

Thanks again to the wonderful folks at Williamson House for your support. I am sure that all involved with the barbecue that day will remember it for a long time to come and I am definitely a lifelong customer.


CPT Wayne Cunningham
Fort Bragg, NC


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